13 Years of Selling Fine Gifts  

A Short Story

Lunazzurra was born out of a dream. A dream of living by the sea linked with a long-standing passion of all things fine, but above all a dream to pass this passion on to others. So, in the autumn of 2007, after long and painstaking preparation, Barbara and David opened Lunazzurra.

Lunazzurra is Italian for Blue (azzurra) and Moon (Luna). We chose this name as we are Italiophiles at heart and have spent many a memorable holiday in that wonderful country. To us 'Lunazzurra' epitomized the romance of that dream and Italy's famed and well-renowned association with style and quality.

Our Shop 

Lunazzurra has quickly established a reputation for being one of the finest gift shops in Torquay offering an exciting range of gifts, cards, home and fashion accessories at affordable prices without sacrificing quality, and certainly one to visit for all your gift ideas, whatever the occasion.

We have plenty of great ideas for all budgets. The range includes ceramics, glassware, fashion jewellery, home fragrances and award winning greetings card ranges.

Our aim is to reflect the latest trends and to be at the forefront of creative design in home and personal accessories whilst keeping good design affordable without sacrificing quality.

Alongside popular brands that you know and enjoy, we always strive to be different when choosing other products we sell. Everything we offer has been mindfully selected and, wherever possible, is sourced from local, ethical and renewable sources.

Customer Service

We believe Customer Service is absolutely paramount.

We always endeavour to be polite and friendly but not 'in-your-face'. We will also be there when you need us- for service, guidance or advice. (And if you're in the area, how about just popping in to say hello?)

If we haven't got what you are looking for - we will always try to recommend someone who has - even if that means referring you to one of our competitors - purely because You are the one that matters at the end of the day.

If we you ever feel that we have fallen short of these principles please do not be afraid to speak to us or email us.